My name is Kyra. I'm a Hunter. My best friends are Castiel and Dannielle Roche. I'm engaged to Sam Winchester.

Kyra: A Long Awaited Reunion.

Sam looked at Kyra.  She was curled into a tight ball, her arms wrapped around her knees and she was rocking back and forth.  She wasn’t able to answer this.  ”The leviathans are creatures that Dean and us have been hunting for awhile now.  They’re from Purgatory.  Cas… He opened the door to it a long time ago… That’s why Dean’s been so pissy with him.  He let ‘em out.” Sam looked up at Dannielle.  

“Cas,” Krya choked out.  ”Gotta save Cas.”  She lowered her head and started crying again.  Sam rubbed her on the arm. 

“Why the FUCK was I not told this?!” Dannielle yelled and as soon Katie mumbled about Cas Deanna started to cry.

“Is my daddy okay?” She asked, her tear-filled eyes set on Sam. Dannielle wiped her face with both hands trying to hold back her own feels.

Sam met the little girl’s eyes and his heart broke.  ”I don’t know, sweetie, but we’re gonna find out.”  Sam helped Krya up off the floor and sat her down on one of the chairs in Dannielle’s living room before taking her phone and redialing the last number.  

"I—I’m s-s-sorry, D-D-Danni." she chocked out.  "I-I s-should have s-s-said s-something.  C-C-Cas told me n-n-not to because h-he wanted t-to start over with y-you.  A cle-ean slate."  

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  • 17 March 2012
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